Cell Phone Pix Meet Sticky Blog

June 27, 2008

Awesome pumpkin my neighbor’s carved for Halloween last year.

My friend Kasey, currently missionarying it up in Ireland.

My sister likes to dress up when bored at work.

Nice scarf.

Nice ‘stache (not at work).

Hahaha, priceless.

My sister Amber posing with my mom (she hates pictures obviously).

Cheddar giving the camera his disapproval.

Randall “Randy” Montana – Noted Historian

Nora curled up in her favorite sleeping position.

James finally got that damned skull to float…just another productive day at the Pizza House.

Aaron sleeping in the hallway during one of our Graphics finals.

A stickman whistling dixie.

Adorable Wall-E cardboard display at the IMAX theatre in Olathe.


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