I won a vacation trip for two!

July 13, 2008

I entered this contest thingy while seeing Speed Racer at the AMC IMAX theatre in Olathe and apparently I won (part of it, the main display had a mini cooper *drools*)! So yeah, I get this call from Patty, a lady from Wyndham hotels (fanciful!) and I didn’t answer it at the time because of sleep deprivation but she left a message saying I had won a trip.

The vacation trip thing was either to Las Vegas or Orlando (my choice) for three days, two nites, paid hotel and round trip airfare and a $40 meal card thingy. I called Patty back and she told me all this and just needed to verify who I was. Her first question was “Are you 25 years or older?” I…replied truthfully and said no, I’m only 22. “Do you have a significant other that is 25 years or older?” “Ummm…no.” I wanted to say my mom was my significant other but…that would have sounded weird, lol. “Well in order for the winner to be valid, they or their significant other must be at least 25 years old. Blah blah blah.”

DAMMITTTT, I’ve never won anything in my life like this and when I do, I’m not fucking old enough?! I should have lied…or something. GAHH, lamesauce.


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