November 2, 2008

I rarely have dreams so I felt the need to chronicle this particular one. Here goes:

I don’t remember the lead up (like so many dreams) but I do remember being in the bathroom and “popping” a zit. The ooze that came out was shaped like a macaroni noodle. It even had the same texture and hollow tube structure inside. Intrigued and very grossed out, I proceed to squeeze out another one. Same shape, size, color, texture, etc. I bring them to show my mom (who is sleeping in a coffin-like box on a desk underneath my older sister…..?????????). They are weirded out as well (by now the noodles have grown in diameter and they no longer resemble macaroni, but some weird mushroom-like material, thin walls and big and round like bracelets) so I retreat back to the bathroom and yeah. This is where it gets weird(er).

I guess I start pulling out this weird tube thing, looking like a windpipe tube, ribbed and all. As I pull it out, it grows in diameter, black stripes with orange, bulbous areas, both nostrils produce huge bulbs and I can feel it rip from the inside. Some more weird white things/ghosts with faces come out and that’s when I wake up…

…with a headache (still have it as I write this) and a weird sensation on my face. I feel mucusy and like my pores have weird aliens inside them.


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