Incredible Weekend

November 24, 2008

Creative Arts Society went to Kansas City for the weekend and all I can say is it was freakin amazing.

We left Friday morning at 7 (well, 7:15 to be exact) splitting up between two school vans, Stacey’s car, and Dan’s car. Rode down with Carlos, Aaron, and Josh Knott, with Aaron driving. He umm…hit like 50 curbs throughout our journey there, swerving off the highway as he messed with his ipod.

Arrived at KC around lunchtime, ate at an Irish pub place in the Plaza. Waaaay overprice, Aaron pissed off the waitress when they wouldn’t serve him his beer of choice in a 16oz glass. I had the soup of the day, vegetable barley, and also mooched off of Kirsten’s salad. Good stuff.

After returning to our van in the parking garage (yikes) we tried to find Toby’s van and the others to get to our hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Westport, near the Plaza. Lo and behold, across the street is a huge art supply store. We didn’t get to go there until today, but it was sooooo huge and amazing. I spent over $100 there. [face_embarrassed] Back to the day’s happenings in order…

Our room was on the fifth floor, I roomed with Carlos and Aaron. After settling in for a little bit, we went downstairs and saw everyone else heading towards the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. We decided to shop at the plaza for a more (or less) relaxing time. Our first stop was the 3 story Barnes & Noble. Got a couple books there, spent 2 hours (at least) looking at design books ‘n’ such. Aaron would not make up his damned mind (a common occurance throughout the trip). After that, we walked around, decided to eat at this sports bar (810 radio?) and ate half-price appetizers and beer. It was…good at the time but afterward, our bodies were stinkin up a storm. Had my first deep fried pickles and bleu balls (mini cordon bleu’s, lol). Made a cameo at the Apple store, tons of people there, kinda got depressed (them moreso than me) and walked back to the hotel to see what everyone else was doing.

There was a bar next to our hotel where there was karaoke going on, so we decided to watch and support Pete (and possible Stacey/others). This one woman sang a great rendition of All That Jazz. She was so fun. Pete sang Smells Like Teen Spirit..he really got into it, everyone was singing along with him as well. Heh. After there, we went to Kelly’s (another bar) but not everyone could get it, a fact that I didn’t realize until we were already in and ordering drinks. Carlos, Abby, Stacey, Jerrod, and Pete (and myself) entered, Carlos disappeared. I left with Abby and Stacey, we got some delish filafels from a street vendor and walked back to the hotel.

Day 2: Woke up earlyish, ate breakfast and hung around for a bit. Ate at this great sushi place (Matsuki?) near Kelly’s in Westport. My first official sushi experience…so good. Carlos and I split the sushi sampler, which had three pieces of sushi for us each, and three sashimi pieces, with ginger and wasabi on the side.

After that, we (Stacey, Kylee, Me, Carlos, and Aaron) finally go to the Nelson-Atkins museum. We didn’t actually go inside the main building (we were going to today distracted) but mostly the newly additioned bloch building. Lots of cool stuff. The design of the building itself was so white and clean and modern-looking. Carlos (and myself) both made comments about how we wanted to live in a place like this. Soo cool.

We snuck into this conference room and got to see an amazing view. Hehe. It was like something out of a movie. After that, we discovered Carlos had lost his scarf (not the first time it happened on the trip, LMAO) and had to retrace our steps. We about gave up and as we took the elevator down, we found it on the floor in it.

After the museum (I bought a little music box thing that plays Happy Birthday from the shop) we (Carlos, Aaron, and I; Stacey and Kylee split off and walked back) drove to where Brian, Carlos’ best bud, works. Barkley…was fucking amazing. It was so unreal. The building uses bioscan machines to open the gate and door to the building. There were multiple stories, great design everywhere, art on the walls, movie viewing room, chill room, just everything you could image. The top floor was the hanging out room and the differen’t company’s presentation rooms (Build-A-Bear, Wrangler, Sonic, Blue Bunny, etc.) We got some free ice cream (!) and Brian showed Carlos and I (Aaron left) some sweet movies on bluray with his PS3 he brought along. We also played LittleBIGPlanet while Brian scanned some art before he “art swapped” it with his friends.

Carlos felt sad…for obvious reasons. Brian dropped us off at our hotel and we hung around Aaron and the girls for a little bit. We all went to this freakin amazing Indian restaurant near where we ate sushi called Korma Sutra. Our waitress must have really liked us (we asked to split up the tickets before she took our order) cuz she kept giving us free food. We got some mango yogurt drinks before the meal (I ordered chicken tikka saag, not recommended) and some chai tea, rice pudding, and sorbet on a toothpick afterward. A-fucking-mazing experience. We (our table consisted of Abby, Stacey, Carlos, and myself) were so full after sharing our food together (came in little serving dishes with spoons, etc.) So damn GOOD. Ugh! Walked back to the hotel feeling a little bloated, watched TV for a bit and finally decided to go out to a liquor store and get some goods. We ended up not going out that nite, something I really wanted to do to make up for last night’s…weird ending.

Day 3: Morning was very lax, ate breakfast at the hotel again. Had to check out by noon, Kirsten and Kylee decided to ride home with us as the other van left for home right away. We however decided to split up ourselves for a bit, Carlos and I ate lunch with Brian downtown, while the others went and shopped. We ate in the new! Power & Light district at this awesome gourmet burger place called chefBurger. We were going to eat at the Blue Koi but it was closed on sundays. Returned to Barkley and played some more LBP together (Jurassic Park and Atlantis levels, lulz). Speaking of lulz, Carlos would not stop saying that outloud. He kept saying “whoaoh” like I do sometimes the day before. He’s so ridiculous. Another popular saying was “48” for that’s what she said, “49” for that’s what he said, and “50” or as I liked to say “97” for both. “Lawlz”

We finally reunited outside this thrift store called Arizona Trading Company. The others ate at the Jerusalem Cafe as Carlos and I went shopping at the thrift store. Bought a hoody and some nice gloves for a total of $37. Not bad. Went to the art supply store (finally) and spent way too much money there. The others joined us there and we finally departed for home. Unreal. This whole trip was like a dream and I can’t believe it’s already over. The ride back was pretty chill. Kylee and Aaron seemed to hit it off well. Kirsten didn’t seem like she had the best time she thought she was going to have but…oh well I guess. We were all gonna watch the Fifth Element but Carlos and I changed our minds. So tired right now. Oh yeah, right as we reached Hays, we were all singing along to some great the Police songs. *Sigh* Soooo much fun! I’m so…yeah, happy. I want to get the fuck out of Hays. Soon we will be free. Here’s to friends and lovers and a better tomorrow. Cheers.


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