"Don’t Look at the Computer Screen"

February 18, 2009

Strange dream.

It involved me delivering pizza? to an address in the country. I was not familiar with the address at all and for some reason, I had to walk to wherever it was. I met Marty on the dirt road/field and asked him for help. He told me to go up to this wooden pole thing and ring the bell, then walk up this path out of the field thru a barbwire gate and go left on the dirt road. So I did…walked and walked, got lost, backtracked. Somehow I managed to go past the house and made it to this school building thing in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t go in, but asked this black man if he knew where this address was. He told me to go back the way I came until the end and it was the house on the left corner. He also told me not to look at the computer screen (the second time someone told me this actually, I don’t remember who the first was). So I walk and wonder what this screen is…a white van parked…I don’t remember the rest.


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