Tulsa Trip of Wonders 2009 Graphex40 Continued

May 18, 2009

I realized I posted those pics without posting many details about the trip itself, so here goes. I drove down with my sister Thursday afternoon to Tulsa. We both had never been to Oklahoma before so it was an interesting ride, lots of roadkill and the like. The drive itself wasn’t bad, we did get lost when trying to find the right street to turn off of. We found it eventually in a roundabout way, still made it in plenty of time before the awards ceremony.

They displayed our work on tables and on the walls in the Central Park Center. I was a little disappointed by how they chose to display things. They printed out the low-res images we submitted to them online, so everything was pixellated and gross. Even the award/piece of paper I received had their logo on it pixellated. The food was nice, the bar even better. They had quite the selection of beer and wine.

Six students from Fort Hays won awards in the single entry categories for students. They called our names and we walked up to receive the award. I didn’t realize it but as I got my award (I was the first award presented), they displayed our work on the projector screen in all its low-res glory. Ah wail. My hands were sore by the end of the night after all that clapping; the professional awards took forever to go through.

The drive home was terribly long. We got a flat tire about 100 miles south of Wichita at around 12:00 am. Had to drive the rest of the way home on a donut, which I was informed later was a miracle we made it that far (the spare is ruined). Drove through a hailstorm in Wichita on the way; we didn’t get back home until 9:00 am. All in all, it was an interesting experience and I’m glad we made it back sane and sound.


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