Mommy is a Sick Muse

June 4, 2009

MetricEvery artist has their muse. It’s not always easily defined. Music is and will always be a huge influence on my mood, creations, desires, inspirations, thoughts, dreams, fears. No band I have encountered brings me closer to a creative climax than Toronto-based rockers Metric. I have tickets to see them live in one week at the Granada in Lawrence. To say I’m excited would be the understatement of the year.

Metric’s sound is a mixture of electro, dance, rock, post-punk/grunge malaise that will keep you on edge and wanting more. The band’s name comes from their very metered chorus lines in many of their songs.

The final song on their latest album (Fantasies) is titled Stadium Love.
Taken from their website:

Haines explains: “I had just gotten back from Coachella, and I walked into the studio and noticed on the bulletin board that Joules had written ‘spider vs bat,’ i think he had been obsessively watching all these National Geographic animals-fighting-each-other-videos in his hotel room. For me, that phrase triggered an entire narrative that was about a gladiator-style enormo-dome where everything turns in on itself, with every form of aggression on display for spectators: monster trucks ramming into each other, bull fighting, sweaty men wrestling. And then you have these animals completely disconnected from the logic of their natural habitat, so you have a swan pecking the shit out of an elephant and pigs biting the necks out of tigers, and bats attacking spiders. And then in the seats, the spectators are kicking the shit out of each other too. There’s this completely blurred line between spectator and participant, and we’re all trapped in this fucked up Noah’s Ark. The images came to me all at once, and I wrote the lyrics on the spot.”


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