Strange dream.

It involved me delivering pizza? to an address in the country. I was not familiar with the address at all and for some reason, I had to walk to wherever it was. I met Marty on the dirt road/field and asked him for help. He told me to go up to this wooden pole thing and ring the bell, then walk up this path out of the field thru a barbwire gate and go left on the dirt road. So I did…walked and walked, got lost, backtracked. Somehow I managed to go past the house and made it to this school building thing in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t go in, but asked this black man if he knew where this address was. He told me to go back the way I came until the end and it was the house on the left corner. He also told me not to look at the computer screen (the second time someone told me this actually, I don’t remember who the first was). So I walk and wonder what this screen is…a white van parked…I don’t remember the rest.


Another Nightmare

November 6, 2008

I had another dream/nightmare….

This one was simpler…all my (bottom) teeth fell out. It started out as a weird tingling sensation in my face, to where I couldn’t keep my mouth/nose closed or in the proper position. I went to my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Hessenflow, for help. After our quick reunion (she was shocked to see me, I rubbed her back, etc.), we went outside to her car where she advised me to get into her trunk. I was perplexed as to why but assumed it was because she was supposed to be teaching class and couldn’t be seen with me on the way to her dentist friend. She leaves to go back to her class and I follow; I enter another classroom and find my family there. I show them my teeth falling out, holding them in my hands as I wake up.


November 2, 2008

I rarely have dreams so I felt the need to chronicle this particular one. Here goes:

I don’t remember the lead up (like so many dreams) but I do remember being in the bathroom and “popping” a zit. The ooze that came out was shaped like a macaroni noodle. It even had the same texture and hollow tube structure inside. Intrigued and very grossed out, I proceed to squeeze out another one. Same shape, size, color, texture, etc. I bring them to show my mom (who is sleeping in a coffin-like box on a desk underneath my older sister…..?????????). They are weirded out as well (by now the noodles have grown in diameter and they no longer resemble macaroni, but some weird mushroom-like material, thin walls and big and round like bracelets) so I retreat back to the bathroom and yeah. This is where it gets weird(er).

I guess I start pulling out this weird tube thing, looking like a windpipe tube, ribbed and all. As I pull it out, it grows in diameter, black stripes with orange, bulbous areas, both nostrils produce huge bulbs and I can feel it rip from the inside. Some more weird white things/ghosts with faces come out and that’s when I wake up…

…with a headache (still have it as I write this) and a weird sensation on my face. I feel mucusy and like my pores have weird aliens inside them.