April 9, 2010

*cough* Hello blog, I have returned to ye.


Mega Flicks

September 4, 2009

I found this in my ‘Koot’ folder, thought I’d save it for Found Type Friday/Special. So funny and unfortunate.


New Feature Friday!

July 31, 2009

So the “Friday Special” will live on in spirit in the form of a new feature. I’m calling it Found Type Friday! I’ll post any found type I find interesting. It’s basically like the Friday Special except exclusively with type I find randomly, whether from signs or old books or old dusty board games. The first one could also be considered a Friday Special, its custom type is borderline offensive.

Storage Plaza

With Friday being focused on typography, and Saturdays focused mainly on scanned images, it should make a nice combination of design and art to keep my creative juices flowing. Hope you enjoy!


May 29, 2009

I’m gonna need a seeing solution after trying to figure out what this sign says. /lamejoke


“Friday Speshul”

May 22, 2009

I love unnecessary punctuation. This is a supplementary sign for a carpet/home disaster cleanup place.

Nice smiley face

Nice smiley face


May 15, 2009

Finals were this past week, which explains the lack of updates. I’m finally done with school, yay! So here we are, another Friday Speshul already. This is also from our trip to Tulsa. I promise I will post the trip in more detail tomorrow!

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Start Select

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Start Select

Kum On

May 8, 2009


The McDonald's breasts add a nice touch.

Friday Special! On the road trip to Tulsa (blog post forthcoming, too tired to post it right now) for Graphex 40, we stumbled upon this site. It was funny, my sister, who acommpanied me on this trip, and I were discussing the phallic nature of the shape of Oklahoma just before we passed this gas station. It was hilariously ironic/serendipitous. Love it.

MC Squared?

May 1, 2009

Not sure what Einstein has to do with banking but these two signs look strikingly similar. Yes, today’s Friday Special is a two-fer.

Which came first, the E or the equals sign?

Which came first, the E or the equals sign?

Hays, like most small towns, isn’t short on banks (or churches and cellphone stores for that matter). Love the use of the “gray”dient in the sign on the right. The one on the left at least uses figure and ground with the equals sign and the E.

Gold, Silver, & Guns

April 24, 2009

Give me all your monies

I’m not sure this pawn shop is sending a good message to its potential customers…