October 26, 2009

title screen

Vectorpark’s Windosill is a beautifully designed puzzle game that features silky smooth animation and brain-busting puzzles. The goal is to get the wooden car from one side of the windowsill to the other through the door. The demo is about half the length of the full retail game. Even though I’ve beaten the game’s demo over and over again, I keep returning just to admire all the little details and interactions the developer’s included. Great little diversion, though I’m not sure if it’s worth the price for the full game.

puzzle three



October 21, 2009

I miss my Legos. :[


Dino Love

October 14, 2009

If you haven’t already guessed, I am a complete nerd/geek. I’ve never actually learned the difference between the two but I’m sure I fit both definitions somewhat. I grew up with a fascination for dinosaurs (like most children I hope) among other fantastical creatures, and that love has only grown over the years. I scanned these stamps for a stamp project I did last year. I didn’t really have a good reason to scan these, besides the fact that I am a dino lover.


The Art of Pixar

October 8, 2009


I found Lou Romano’s blog site the other day. He is responsible for a lot of the concept art in some of Pixar’s films, such as Up and The Incredibles. I love his style and playful nature of creating stories. He is no longer with Pixar however, instead using his amazing talent with the animation studio Laika, responsible for the stop-motion Coraline.


Gifs: Getchya Sum

September 16, 2009

I wish they would animate when I post them here. You have to click them to see them in action. These would all probably fall under my ‘Koot’ folder. Enjoy!

star dance








The Secret

September 15, 2009

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

-Albert Einstein, 1879-1955


September 6, 2009

Another Brick in the Wall


August 31, 2009

Random scraps from my ‘Koot’ folder (things I found to be cute at some point). Enjoy!


10sdf1e < *click both*  whoa



kermit < *click*



Pack Rat

August 26, 2009

I am a pack rat. I collect things. So many things I rediscover with a puzzled look on my face, trying to remember why I kept them in the first place. It’s terrible.

This trait has spread to my computer as well, as I meander across the internet plane. I visit design blogs on a regular basis, random image sites, bouncing from one place to the other, all the while collecting tons of images. Some folders to contain such images have been named Scary, Bizarre, Koot and Cats among others. It should also be noted I have over 20 gigs of music on this computer. *Sigh* I do love my music tho.

So here are a few random images I found in the ‘Scary’ folder. Beware, some images may disturb the viewer.










I Heart Josh Keyes

August 5, 2009

I can’t get enough of Josh Keyes‘ work. His paintings are like little segments cut from reality and put on display for the world to see. They expose a world where nature and man’s creations collide, ending life and changing others. Man is absent from the paintings, only souvenirs remain where animals either destroy or claim them as their own. They are sad and very immediate portrayals of a world that has moved on, or is trying to. I wish I was better at describing how wonderful I think he is but let me just show you some of his work instead.

The Call I

Totem II


Scorch II

Scorch I

Fantastic. *sigh*