Water and Wheat

October 5, 2009





Pet Beer

October 4, 2009

Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 1.35.39 AM

Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 1.36.49 AM

Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 1.36.38 AM

These are the original four labels I did for my beer project. After completing the project, I returned to it later to create two more labels in order to package six bottles, which seems more practical than just four. The creatures are inspired from the ingredients and process of making beer. The two new labels/creatures I created were water and wheat. I will post images of them tomorrow.


September 19, 2009


We would have to do four of these every week, to prepare us for the epic final. After choosing our best “evolutions” of type, we had to narrow it down to one and use it to sell an appropriately related product. The type I ended up choosing was very square and boxy, and so I named the font “proxy” and packaged home decorating things, like paint swatches, pillows, etc. I named the product line “Pixel Paints.” It’s not one of my portfolio pieces, but I had fun making the different letters and packaging something different.

New Website

September 9, 2009

So I decided this awhile ago but never really committed myself to anything yet…but I decided to redo my website entirely. The current one is really buggy and laggy and I’m guessing it’s because I coded it weird. I did it in the way we were taught but since graduating, I’ve realized a lot of what we were shown is outdated and not very intuitive. So I’m going to rework the site and try to find solutions to this whole Flash business. It’s an overwhelming process and I’m writing this in my blog to remind me of my commitment to it. Here goes.

Food Product Project

August 23, 2009

As mentioned in Saturday’s post, more as follows indeed and it’s quite scrumptious. A failed project with two distinct looks, never quite saw the light for portfolio inclusion. Maybe in the future, maybe…

The first go-round:


Cutesy and colorful, two names that go well with my design aesthetic! Oooh!




The problem with this design was that the finished product didn’t seem edible enough. The colours weren’t right, the image of shroom too cartoony, etc. I was still in “search” mode, looking for that signature piece of design. I was trying to stay away from the natural look and feel of mushrooms, but alas, maybe I should have went with the norm this time.

Second go-round: NEW! color scheme and logo and visual element

Picture 4

Note: Please pardon the missing fonts, I still need to upload the many many typefaces I lack on the new compy.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 6

The problem with these was I felt it still borrowed too much from the previous design, so I didn’t print them off and re-execute. I chose to use the band of color as a sort of ribbon to be my signature for the product. The colors are better but still not quite there. I abandoned the project, but still look back fondly at making all those images and prints and sketches of shrooms. Good times. Oh and delishus!

S is for Saturday

August 22, 2009

S is for Shrooms


S is for scans of shrooms dipped in acrylic to obtain a suitable print to use for a food product project. More details to follow.

Bean Tree Photography

July 26, 2009

A little something something I’m working on for my dear friend Kasey Portenier. He’s an excellent photographer and he’s putting together a website to showcase some of his work. I’m in charge of creating the logo and overall look for the site, titled Bean Tree Photography.

Bean Tree

Sneak Peek

April 20, 2009

Coming soon to an internet near you, the launch of my new website! It will feature all my portfolio work in graphic design, as well as showcase some of my fine art. I’m nearing completion and will soon launch the “beta” site. In the meantime, take a gander at some sketch work for the site.