September 19, 2009


We would have to do four of these every week, to prepare us for the epic final. After choosing our best “evolutions” of type, we had to narrow it down to one and use it to sell an appropriately related product. The type I ended up choosing was very square and boxy, and so I named the font “proxy” and packaged home decorating things, like paint swatches, pillows, etc. I named the product line “Pixel Paints.” It’s not one of my portfolio pieces, but I had fun making the different letters and packaging something different.


Mock Interviewing

April 14, 2009

Today was the first day of mock interviews for my Professional Development class. I was in the second group interviewing my classmates. It was fun to be on the opposite side of the table for once, although I was a bit nervous at first. We had our own “distraction” spiel, where Andrew would spill a glass of water and have to clean it up. Also when someone would ask the pressure question, we’d all lean forward, hehe. Overall, it went pretty well and I think my own interview this Thursday will go just as well. It doesn’t seem fair that we get to know what the room is like and what the questions asked (by Karrie at least) but maybe that will all change too. We shall see.