New Website

September 9, 2009

So I decided this awhile ago but never really committed myself to anything yet…but I decided to redo my website entirely. The current one is really buggy and laggy and I’m guessing it’s because I coded it weird. I did it in the way we were taught but since graduating, I’ve realized a lot of what we were shown is outdated and not very intuitive. So I’m going to rework the site and try to find solutions to this whole Flash business. It’s an overwhelming process and I’m writing this in my blog to remind me of my commitment to it. Here goes.


New Feature Friday!

July 31, 2009

So the “Friday Special” will live on in spirit in the form of a new feature. I’m calling it Found Type Friday! I’ll post any found type I find interesting. It’s basically like the Friday Special except exclusively with type I find randomly, whether from signs or old books or old dusty board games. The first one could also be considered a Friday Special, its custom type is borderline offensive.

Storage Plaza

With Friday being focused on typography, and Saturdays focused mainly on scanned images, it should make a nice combination of design and art to keep my creative juices flowing. Hope you enjoy!